Started in 1998 our founder wanted to give people the personal care. She started her cleaning business by cleaning the grandparent’s home of a Hispanic Outreach Program volunteer at the Western Avenue Community Center. 
Another member of the grandparent’s family, a local quality-home builder, hired her to clean his newly constructed homes.  Some of the purchasers of those new homes were so impressed with how clean the home was that they asked the contractor for the name of the cleaning company.

Taking the time to train people to be as meticulous as she is, while working as fast as herself. It was a challenge but was nessecary so she could insure that the quailty that started everything was maintained.

To this day she personlly checks every home and business, to confirm her standards are met.  Perfection is an elusive goal, but our customers feel we are much closer to perfection than any of the other services. 


Who we are.....